At Tarraray Pet Retreat, we believe in offering nothing but the highest-quality pet care. Our Coffs Harbour boarding and pet grooming facility caters for dogs and cats, as well as offering minding services for rabbits, birds, reptiles and exotic pets. We also provide affordable horse agistment.

In addition to luxury accommodation and grooming, Tarraray Pet Retreat offers doggy day care. We offer discounts for longer stays and for multiple bookings, simply ask at the time of making a reservation. Should you need emergency pet boarding due to an unforeseen hospital admission, we are pleased to offer this at a discounted rate.

We have recently undergone a change in ownership and are 100% committed to quality care for your pet. Give Bec or Scott a call today to make a booking for your pet.


Tarraray Pet Retreat offers the ultimate in comfortable accommodation and first-class facilities for your pets. Based just south of Coffs Harbour, our pet boarding exceeds previous standards in pet accommodation. We provide secure, retreat-style boarding set in peaceful surroundings, so your pet enjoys their holiday away from home.

Your pet can experience the best in affordable care, with a number of accommodation options available to suit their needs.

We offer:

  • Secure accommodation with fully enclosed kennels
  • All kennels have natural light and a lighting system installed
  • Reverse-cycle air-conditioning installed in all kennels and the cattery
  • Automatic water drinkers installed in all kennels
  • Individual attention for all pets, provided by trained staff
  • Special attention paid to senior pets and those with special needs
  • 24-hour access to veterinarians if required
  • Pick-up and drop-off service to the airport or home

To ensure the safety of all animals, Tarraray Pet Retreat requires each pet to be fully vaccinated. NO exceptions will be made. Verification that vaccinations have been completed is required and we will confirm this with your vet at the time of booking.

Dog Boarding

Your dog has access to first-class facilities while staying at Tarraray Pet Retreat. Owners can choose from 4 different boarding options including 5-star Luxury Suites, 3-star Luxury Suites, 3-star Lounge Room Suites or the Backpackers Kennel.

5-star Luxury Suite - (3m x 3.6m)

For the dog that loves to be pampered, our 5-star suites are set-up as a home away from home. Air-conditioned, featuring an automatic drinker and furnished as a kids bedroom; with single bed, toy box and toys.

3-star Luxury Suite - (3m x 3.6m)

Designed for both individual guests or families, each suite is tiled and features an automatic drinker. Your dog will have a warm Kurunda bed with the option of a wool overlay (during cooler weather), an array of toys and a plastic chair. These suites are air-conditioned as well.

3-Star Lounge Room Suites - (3m x 3.6m)

Our lounge rooms are the perfect place for dogs of similar demeanour to enjoy each others company. Spacious and comfortable for short or longer stays.

Backpacker Kennels - (1.2m x 2.6m)

Our spacious kennels are ideal for shorter stays and small dogs. Each dog has their own Therian dog bed and toys to enjoy while they stay in our bright and cheery accommodation. In our backpacker suites, while still inside, the dogs are separated with their own enclosure.

At Tarraray Pet Retreat, we provide exercise time for all dogs. On owners consent, dogs are run together with like-minded friends, or individually if not social.

Cat Boarding

All cats are accommodated in our 5-star suites, which are separate from the dog boarding kennels. Tarraray Pet Retreat's Coffs Harbour cat boarding offers individual suites with their own window and window seat, reverse-cycle air conditioning, garden views, cots, baskets, scratching posts and toys. One-on-one playtime is also available for cats that miss human interaction.

Senior cats and special needs cats Tarraray Pet Retreat specialises in caring for senior cats and cats with special requirements, such as arthritis, deafness, medical conditions or post-operative and medical care. Our accommodation facilities ensure your cat is warm and comfortable at all times.

Our staff are fully trained in the care of special needs cats, including administering medication. We also have access to veterinary care 24-hours a day for all pets staying at Tarraray Pet Retreat.

Boarding Fees

At Tarraray Pet Retreat, we are pleased to offer quality Coffs Harbour pet accommodation at affordable rates.

  • Dogs 5-star Luxury Suite: $35 per day
  • Dogs 3-star Luxury Suite: $30 per day
  • Dogs 3-star Lounge Room Suite: $25 per day
  • Dogs Backpackers Kennels: $25 per day
  • Cats Luxury Suites: $15 per day
  • Accommodation for your pet from Axolotls to zebra finches: Starting at $10 per day

Please Note - a surcharge of $5.00 per day applies on school and public holidays

To enquire about availability, please contact Tarraray Pet Retreat.

Boarding FAQ

If you are looking for the best in Coffs Harbour animal boarding, you can be assured Tarraray Pet Retreat will provide it. Here are some of the most common questions we are asked about boarding with us, as well as their answers.

  1. Can I inspect the facilities before making a booking?

    Of course. At Tarraray Pet Retreat we understand owners want the very best for their pet. We encourage new clients to come out and meet with us, as well as viewing the premises, before making a booking. This also allows you to discuss any special needs your pet may have, so we can explain how we will accommodate them.

  2. Are the facilities secure for all types of pets?

    Yes. Tarraray's owners reside at the property, so there is always someone nearby. Staff members check on each and every pet a minimum of twice a day, outside of meal and exercise times.

  3. Are the kennels and accommodation facilities suitable for my pet?

    Tarraray Pet Retreat prides itself on offering the highest standard of Coffs Harbour pet boarding and accommodation. We have luxury suites in different configurations, all of which are furnished to suit animal care. All accommodation suites are tiled and air-conditioned, have furnishings and soft, comfortable bedding. If you feel your pet will be more settled with their own toys or bedding, you are welcome to bring these with you.

  4. Are the exercise yards available for my pet?

    Yes, Tarraray has individual exercise runs attached to our dog boarding facilities. Your pet will be exercised twice daily.

  5. What types of meals do you provide for pets?

    All dogs and cats are fed Royal Canin food.

  6. My pet is on a special diet. How is this managed during their stay?

    We accommodate all dietary requirements at Tarraray Pet Retreat. We are happy to feed your pet according to specified instructions. To ensure your pet received the exact portion and type of food required, we recommend pre-bagging their food in a separate, labelled bag.

  7. Does my pet have to be vaccinated before staying at Tarraray Pet Retreat?

    For the safety of all animals, it is essential that your pet must be up-to-date with their current vaccinations. We are unable to accomodate pets that have not received their appropriate vaccinations. All annual vaccinations must be completed at least 7 days prior to commencement of boarding.

    • Dogs: Dogs that have previously been vaccinated with C3 only MUST have a C5 intranasal vaccination at least 3 days prior to entry. If your dog has had no vaccinations the waiting period is 60 days.
    •Cats: Cats that have not been previously vaccinated MUST have an F3.

    All animals must also be on current flea and tick prevention.

  8. What happens if my pet becomes ill during their stay?

    Tarraray Pet Retreat has access to veterinary care 24-hours a day and we have a range of products available to cater to your pets needs during their stay. In the case of an emergency every effort will be made to contact you prior to veterinary treatment. Owners will need to pay for all veterinary costs incurred during care, on their return.

  9. What other care is provided during my pet's stay?

    We offer a full grooming service (bathing, clipping, nail trimming) for cats and dogs, as well as regular exercise, tummy rubs and pats.

Doggy Day Care

If you feel guilty every time you leave your pet home for the day; need to keep them safe while your home is being renovated or your pet could benefit from social interaction, Tarraray Pet Retreat is the perfect solution. Our doggy day care allows your pet the freedom to be exercised, enjoy social interaction and receive plenty of attention. As the owner, you can feel peace-of-mind knowing that your pet is well cared for and your furniture will remain intact - rather than being succumbed to 'boredom chewing'.

Your dog will also benefit from socialising with different people. To find out more about our day care hours and availability, or to make a booking, give us a call.

Doggy Day Care Fees

From $15.00 per day

Use Us When

There are many reasons to book your pet in to Tarraray Pet Retreat. We don't just provide care for pets during holidays; your pet can stay with us for a number of reasons.

We provide pet boarding and care when:

  • Your house is being renovated
  • You have guests arriving
  • The house is being pest treated
  • You are packing to move house
  • You are going into hospital
  • You have to travel for work
  • Building or construction work is going on around you
  • You've just had a baby
  • Your pet needs socialising
  • You'll be out celebrating New Years Eve and don't want your pet to be frightened by fireworks
  • The carpets are being cleaned
  • The yard is being landscaped and is not secure

When your pet comes to stay at Tarraray Pet Retreat, we provide the best possible care. Whether you need boarding for a short period of time, or your pet will be staying with us longer, we look forward to welcoming you.


Tarraray Pet Retreat also provides Coffs Harbour pet grooming. Our Bonville grooming salon caters for both dogs and cats, with a wide range of options to keep your beloved companion looking and smelling their best.

Our grooming facility includes:

  • Air-conditioned reception & grooming spaces (with ample room for your pet)
  • Hydrobath (with fresh water for each pet)
  • Trained staff to provide all washing & cleaning services
  • All-inclusive fee structure (no hidden fees)
  • Discounts give for multi-family bookings
  • Washing, grooming, clipping & nail trimming provided

Dog Grooming

When your pet comes to Tarraray Pet Grooming, you can rest assured they will be treated like the family member they are.

Your dog's grooming treatment can include:

  • Cleaning of the inside of the ears (with an animal-approved cleaning solution)
  • Nail trim & file
  • Thorough brush and/or comb
  • Warm water hydrobath
  • Shampooing twice with a dog-safe shampoo (such as deep-cleaning, hypoallergenic or medicated shampoo)
  • Complete rinse to remove all shampoo
  • Coat conditioning (with a safe and non-toxic conditioner)
  • Hand dry
  • Finishing brush-out & blow-dry (if requested)

Cat Grooming

Grooming a cat requires much more patience than dog grooming, and the chance of being bitten or scratched is much higher than during a dog grooming session. At times, Tarraray Pet Grooming may use two groomers to tend to your cat.

Our cat grooming service includes:

  • Thorough cleaning of the inside of your cat's ears (using animal-approved cleaning solution)
  • Claw trimming
  • Gentle coat combing
  • Warm bath
  • Shampoo (with an animal-approved product)
  • Double rinse to remove suds and shampoo residue
  • Gentle hand dry
  • Blow-dry (if required, depending on your cat's demeanour)
  • Finishing brush-out

Grooming Fees

Hydrobath and blow-dry: Starts at $15 (small dogs)

Grooming FAQ

  1. Is pet grooming really necessary?

    Having your pet groomed is much more than simply making their coat shiny. It allows your pet to receive one-on-one attention, contributing to their physiological and psychological wellbeing. Our Coffs Harbour pet groomers will examine your pet's skin closely for signs of flea, tick or skin irritations; as well as look for coat conditions such as mats, tangles and dandruff. We also remove mats and tangles from your pet's coat.

  2. Why should I have my pet groomed regularly? Can't I just do it when their coat is looking ratty?

    It's advisable to have your pet regularly groomed, especially for long-haired breeds. This reduces the chance of the coat becoming matted and requiring hours of detangling or to be shaved. Regular grooming with the same groomer ensures any changes in your pet's coat will be picked up. A healthy coat and skin is usually the skin of good health in your pet.

  3. Do puppies and kittens require grooming?

    It is a good idea to have your new little puppy or kitten groomed early in their life. This way they will become used to the treatment and being handled. At Tarraray Pet Grooming, we start out with short sessions of around 5 minutes. This gives us time to check your puppy or kitten's paws, ears, teeth and underside before they get too restless. 5 minutes is a long time to an energetic new puppy or playful kitten!

  4. My pet is shedding a ridiculous amount of hair. Is that normal, or should I be concerned?

    The amount your pet sheds is dependent on their breed, nutrition, health and even hormonal changes. Some breeds shed heavily throughout their life and some long-haired breeds will quickly become matted with loose hair if they are not regularly brushed. This is an important factor to consider when choosing a pet. If you are concerned that your pet is losing more hair than normal, take them to your vet for a check-up.

  5. Why do you clean the inside of my dog's ears?

    This allows us to check for the presence of any scratches, pests or possible infections. If untreated, infections can lead to hearing loss and are very uncomfortable for your pet.

Additional Services

In addition to caring for dogs and cats, Tarraray Pet Retreat is also equipped to cater for other pets as well. Recently undergoing a change of ownership, our pet retreat is focused on providing the best of care for pets of all shapes and sizes.

We provide minding for:

  • Birds
  • Domestic rabbits
  • Exotic pets
  • Reptiles (with tank)

Our extensive grounds also allow us to provide horse agistment. If you need boarding for your pet, please contact us to discuss availability, the length of the stay and related fees.


To keep your pet happy and healthy, Tarraray Pet Retreat and grooming salon stocks a wide range of pet supplies. Our range of retail pet products include dog brushes, leads, combs, dog and cat toys, quality pet food and bedding.

Because your pet deserves the best of everything, we use and recommend products from Royal Canin, Nexgard, Bravecto and Advantix. For more information on these brands, please check out our list of friends and supporters here.

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